Thursday, March 5, 2009

the pakistan a dream shattered !

Mr.jinnah must be taking a uncomfortable turn in his grave these days. after all the fight,loss oflife
he invened pakistan. but alas his dreams are shattered and his country has gone to dogs !
is there any system prevailing in the country the intellectuals of that country (whether they are in...?) must be pondering. anarchy is s very simple wordtodescribe the situation prevailing.
ok some things beyond control but this is their own breed their own people who are swaying swords opposing them !

with pak in such a anarchy how can india feel safe? the govt has to build internationalpressure
to stage a war against pak and its dear waariors whomthey call zehadis.

26/11 was a security faliure but we moved on and regained ourself.but the danger will always be there fromour neighbours whoare in a such a shockthatthey donot have controlon their senses.

sobe ware india anything may happen if we donot act in time.

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